Part Manual Page

Plate 1 Front Cutter Unit Right Hand Side
Plate 2 Front Cutter Unit Left Hand Side`
Plate 3 Side Cutter Unit Suspension Right Hand Unit
Plate 4 Tractor Clutch Assembly
Plate 5 Right Hand Side Plain Triplex
Plate 6 Left Hand Side Plain Triplex and Plain Machine
Plate 7 Right Hand Side Reverse Machine
Plate 8 Left Hand Side Reverse Machine
Plate 9 Right Hand Side Single Plain Machine
Plate 10 Traction Unit
Plate 11 Large Caster Wheel and Universal Drive
Plate 12 Motor Base Assembly
Plate 13 Handle Bar Controls - Plain Mowers
Plate 14 Handle Bar Controls - Reverse Mowers
Plate 15 Motor Accessories
Plate 16 Standard Sulky
Plate 17 Reverse Sulky
Plate 18 Tools and Accessories
Plate 19 Chain Guards 25" and 30" - Single Unit with Reverse